Killing Yucca Mountain illegally

Surveying the larger landscape, Americans are starting to get a clearer picture of a most dangerous tactic employed by President Barack Obama.

This president selectively ignores laws he doesn't like.

He's doing it with immigration enforcement. He's done it with implementation of the employer mandate of ObamaCare. And he's doing it right now with Yucca Mountain.

Look, no matter how you feel about the idea of storing the nation's nuclear waste outside of Las Vegas, all Nevadans ought to worry about how the president is essentially killing the project. He's doing it illegally. And now a D.C. court of appeals has said so.

The law says that the Nuclear Waste Policy Act requires that the NRC "shall issue a final decision approving or disapproving" applications within three years of submission. The Yucca Mountain application was in 2008.

What's happening is the Administration is refusing to implement the law. You can get a clear look at how the president is doing that here.

No doubt the anti-nuke folks think this "ends justify the means" tactic is cute. Be careful what you wish for.

We are a country of laws. And when we allow any president to selectively enforce the law, we do so at our own peril.