Never forget: Josh Earnest is a flack paid to spin

If there is one thing we now know about new White House press secretary Josh Earnest it is this: He’s a flack paid to spin and in the course of that he will lie.

His credibility went down the tubes Sunday when he appeared on CNN’s “Reliable Sources” and actually said that the Obama administration is the “most transparent” in history.

C’mon, man. That’s so not true. And while I understand that Mr. Earnest is a paid deceiver and hider of the truth for the Obama White House (just like the last one), it’s still hard to believe that the new guy would come out continuing to try to sell that old canard.

The Obama administration isn’t the “most transparent”. In fact, it is one of the worst. Even the outgoing editor of the New York Times, which defends the hapless Obama administration at almost every turn, says Obama runs one of the least transparent she’s ever covered.

And lest we forget, the Society of Professional Journalists just sent a letter to the president complaining about the administration’s horrible record of transparency.

It began to the president: “You recently expressed concern that frustration in the country is breeding cynicism about democratic government. You need look no further than your own administration for a major source of that frustration – politically driven suppression of news and information about federal agencies. We call on you to take a stand to stop the spin and let the sunshine in.”

The letter goes on to also point out that the Obama administration must stop playing favorites with reporters — letting the “friendly” ones in and blocking access to the real ones.

Josh Earnest knows this. But he’s paid to lie. And on this point of transparency, he without a doubt lied. The Obama administration is not the “most transparent” in history. Not even close.