Obama: 'Undisciplined' and 'aloof'

That's what Karl Rove calls President Obama in today's USA Today.

You can take that as a partisan shot, if you will. But you know in your heart of hearts it's a pretty good analysis of this president thus far. He doesn't have the will power to kick cigarettes. Makes you wonder how ever found the strength to quit the cocaine use he talks about experimenting with in his book.

What Rove does know with authority, however, is Republican politics. And he righteously warns the "Tea Party" movement, if it is "hijacked" to back third-party candidates, poses a big threat to the GOP.

Here in Nevada, the Tea Party candidacy in the U.S. Senate Race gives Sen. Reid a glimmer of hope. The Review-Journal's poll on the subject has Reid losing his job to all top GOP candidates, head to head. But a Tea Party candidate pushes the win to Reid.

That's a dynamic the GOP will have to overcome. Do you think an energetic Sarah Palin for the GOP candidate will mitigate the power of the Tea Party movement? Will the real Tea Party gathering -- which I think, by the way, is going to be a huge political event -- in Searchlight on March 27 embrace this candidate, or disavow his candidacy?