ObamaCare delay a good idea

As I've advocated previously, a significant delay in the implementation of ObamaCare makes a lot of sense, for both Republicans and Democrats.

Republicans would like to kill the law, but that's not going to happen. At least not now. But Democrats would be wise to slow this monstrosity down. It is true that this is President Obama's signature legislation. But it's bad legislation in its current form. Implementing it fully now just to soothe the ego of an otherwise lost presidency doesn't make good sense. It's just not ready for prime time, given the many details that have yet to be worked out or have proven to have severe side effects on the health care system. (Paging the Cleveland Clinic.)

So, it's good to read this evening from Jack Sherman and John Bresnahan of Politico that the GOP leadership in the house is considering a delay. That should be a winner, I would think, provided Democrats in the Senate have their heads screwed on straight, which is a big if given the current leadership.