ObamaCare lets cancer patients die

I'd like Democrats to explain this op-ed piece in the Wall Street Journal on Sunday.

It's written by Stephen Blackwood and recounts how ObamaCare has endangered the life of his mother, who is suffering from Cancer and now can't get the medicine she needs.

Her old plan is illegal under ObamaCare. Instead she was forced by law to take a so-called "better" plan that cost more and won't cover her treatment anymore.

She is waiting a final decision on the boneheaded decisions of her new ObamaCare plan, but Mr. Blackwood concludes his piece by saying (righteously, I think): "The 'Affordable' Care Act is a brutal, Procrustean disaster. In principle, it violates the irreducible particularity of human life, and in practice it will cause many individuals to suffer and die. We can do better, and we must."

I'm just asking Democrats to explain to me how they can still support ObamaCare when it has this kind of result? Anyone?