Paula Deen: Actions have consequences

I'm a big believer in second chances. We all need them. Plus, my home town is Las Vegas, the historic center of the planet of second chances.

Now comes celebrity chef Paula Deen who in the span of a week has seen her empire collapse. She's been accused of all kinds of racist behavior at her southern restaurants. The Food Network has announced they will not renew her TV show when the contract expires at the end of June.

It's a brutal ending to her career as she's known it.

Some will say that she's a victim of her upbringing and an unforgiving PC environment.

And, like I said, I'm all for second chances, forgiveness, etc. But I'm also a stern advocate for the concept that actions have consequences.

Let me take my journalist hat off and put my priest hat on for a paragraph: If a person is guilty of inappropriate contact with children, for example, and person isn't going to be my Sunday school teacher. Ever. That doesn't mean he or she couldn't be the church's accountant and it doesn't mean that person couldn't attend church and receive all the sacraments and forgiveness we have to offer. But actions have consequences. And sometimes those consequences remain in effect even after contrite apologies and forgiveness.

Paula Deen's actions fit into this category. The Food Network did the right thing, i think, in ending her contract. Knowing what we know about her now would make watching her TV cooking show difficult.

Maybe with some time, Paula Deen can get her second chance. In the right circumstances, I'd be all for that. But for now, actions have consequences.

Below are two YouTube clips. One of Paula Deen's apology (which leaves me with plenty of questions for her) and a second clip that more fully explains the allegations against Paula Deen.