For the record on that GSA LV junket ...

For those keeping track of that GSA junket to Las Vegas that caused all that uproar over who's minding the spending store for the Obama Administration, this tidbit is worth filing away.

The boys and girls at the re-elect Obama campaign headquarters are naturally sensitive about the expenditure. It was clearly inappropriate and absolutely the kind of thing they did not want to deal with in an election year. Team Obama quickly tried to spin the situation to blame the prior administration by saying that under President Bush GSA junkets increased percentage-wise more than under Obama's watchful eye. Only problem with that spin is it wasn't true, at least in the context Team Obama tried to make it fit.

Someone dug up the real numbers and it shows GSA junket spending went down under Bush, then up. Here are the numbers for the GSA junkets by year. Make of them what you will, but you'd be hard pressed to blame the 2010 par-tay in Las Vegas on Bush. Obama owns this, lock, stock and barrel. It was his appointee who made it happen. She planned it, mind-reader, clowns and all. And it should raise valid questions about whether Team Obama can be trusted with more dollars to spend.

2004: $401,024

2006: $323,855

2008: $655,025

2010: $840,616