Rep. Horsford should stop being such a partisan homer and start to be a defender of the people

If there is any wrong doing inside the IRS, it has absolutely nothing to do with the White House.

So says Rep. Steven Horsford, a Democrat who represents North Las Vegas and a good chunk of rural Nevada.

You can see Rep. Horsford vigorously defend the White House and the IRS in this clip.

Rep. Horsford is a Democrat. So I get the pressure he must be under to defend the White House in this scandal and others. But as a Nevadan he has an obligation to represent the people — and in this probe there is enough evidence to show that something is dreadfully wrong within the IRS.

Not only did it admit that it targeted non-profit Tea Party groups gearing up to opposed President Obama’s re-election (while giving a pass to most liberal groups), it now belatedly reveals that the e-mail from those employees in question have been “lost”. And not only have they been lost, the IRS destroyed the hard drives that contained the “lost” e-mail without notifying criminal authorities, the federal courts or Congress before doing so.

That is outrageous behavior in and of itself.

It would be helpful to all Nevadans if Rep. Horsford would drop the partisan stand and start to be an independent representative on this committee.

There’s zero question something stinks at the IRS. No one knows for sure at this point how far it goes up. Show the Nation what a good representative from Nevada does when given half the chance, Rep. Horsford.

How the hell did they lose those e-mail, Rep. Horsford? And why didn’t they tell the DOJ, the federal courts and Congress about it until now?

Get tough, Steven. We’re depending upon you to get to the bottom of this, not be a knee-jerk defender of the partisan faith.