Sen. Reid: ObamaCare a step toward socialized medicine

On a local Las Vegas PBS news show Friday night, Nevada's embarrassing Sen. Harry Reid blurted out what critics of ObamaCare have long warned: The deceptively named "Affordable Care Act" is designed to fail, allowing liberals a shot at socialized medicine in America.

If ObamaCare is indeed the "train wreck" as currently legislated -- driving up costs instead of driving them down -- then the socialized medicine crowd among us can make the argument that the best way to save ObamaCare is to ditch the current insurance-based health care system and go to the single-payer health care system.

In other words, a system that quickly evolves into socialized medicine.

If you'd like to get a good look at what that looks like in America now, take a look at Veterans Administration or the Indian Health Service. That's the future for all Americans under ObamaCare -- a system in which excellence in medical care takes a back seat to lesser care for all.

You can bet that if Harry Reid could take Friday night back, he would. His admission that ObamaCare is just a secret step toward a single-payer system should make it crystal clear what's what. If ObamaCare isn't repealed now, say hello to VA-style health-care excellence for all in which government controlled long lines and medicore service await you and your children.

And you can bet that Congress and congressional staff will be exempted from the long lines and bad care, just like they exempted themselves from ObamaCare.

The plan isn't to expand the best health care system in the world. The ObamaCare plan is Trojan Horse that will allow Reid and others to take a blind shot at instituting socialized medicine at the expense of an excellent private health system.

Sen. Harry Reid can't even control the interface between his brain and his mouth. The idea that he's quick enough to transition us to a better, more socialized health care system is, well, not believable.

Be afraid. Very afraid.

PS: And for President Obama and Democrats everywhere, you might want to keep Harry Reid locked in a room somewhere. Almost everytime he speaks, he sticks his foot in it.