Shun the authoritarian left

I say it whenever I can, and I must shout it again: The biggest threat of an authoritarian government oppressing the freedoms of Americans stems more often than not from the political left.

The example du jour comes from the concerted effort of liberal politicians and journalists to shut down the conservative talk show host liberals hate most -- Rush Limbaugh.

It's an ugly example of un-American activity. And while I know that sometimes conservative groups try to do the same thing, it's never with the duplicity and ferocity of the liberal elite. Beware the master who believes he knows best. Whether it's the left or the right, if that's the revolution, then you can count me out.

In previous dispatches I've warned you about Rep. Shelley Berkley, D-NV, who is trying to step up to the U.S. Senate by killing Limbaugh's forum. It's made Berkley the poster girl for icky politics.

Now comes Media Matters, the alleged journalists who would silence someone who doesn't share their political beliefs. You can read the efforts of that intellectually criminal outfit here.

In the meanwhile, it's good to remember that even today our freedoms must be guarded. Don't count on politicians like Shelly Berkley or Grand Inquisitors like Media Matters to help. Anyone who seeks to silence objectionable political talk is the bad guy and must be shunned. Always.