Try this with your Internet newspaper

One of the first newspapers in Northern Arizona was the Arizona Champion. George H. Tinker in 1882 founded the weekly newspaper. It soon gained wide readership with Tinker and two of his three sons reporting the news of cowboys (which, as a group, they didn't like) and Indians (who they liked even less).

George Tinker's popular weekly column on the "outrages" of the Apache in the Arizona Territory was entitled "Red Devils: Their Doings."

As for cowboys, Tinker described them in print as "bragging, whisky drinking bummers who delight in six-shooters, fine horses, saddles and fast women. Nearly all die with their boots on and no one mourns their death."

For whatever kind of celebrity status Tinker may have achieved, his family kept him well grounded. His nephew "Sport" Boyle owned the Woodbine saloon in Flagstaff. He kept a stack of Arizona Champion newspapers by the register.

He told Uncle Tinker that his customers bought the paper in the saloon because it required a few drinks "to level out tha readin'." And they almost always never threw the paper away "but kept it for the ultimate purpose required later on the trail."

Try doing that with an Internet newspaper.