Update on Internet content stealing

The response from the "I-can-take-what-I-want" Internet crowd was quick and predictable when the second largest newspaper company in the United States, MediaNews, signed up with Righthaven to protect its copyright.

"How dare newspapers try to protect their unique content. It is ours to use for free."

Or, at least that's how I read this "report" from Mike Masnick of "TechDirt".

The writer concludes: "Still, all this is doing is making me wonder why anyone would ever want to use any Righthaven connected publication as a source ever again."

If when he says "use" he means "use without permission", then I agree with him. Maybe newspapers are beginning to bring a little law into the Wild West Internet. And, that's a good thing.

(Full Disclosure: Stephens Media is a client of Righthaven and a supporter of the effort to stop content stealing on the Internet.)