We are a distracted world

Proving once again that we are distracted people, in both English and French, here comes Twitter and the gum-chewing controversy at Normandy.

At the D-Day commemoration event last Friday, President Barack Obama chewed gum. Many considered it disrespectful.

It probably wasn’t the best thing for the president to do, but I think it wise not to make the D-Day celebration all about Obama. It’s not.

It’s about remembering a turning point in World War II — the sacrifice and cost wars take on humanity.

Frankly, I’m less concerned with an American president who chews gum during the 70th anniversary ceremony of D-Day than I am with an American president who can’t quite muster the leadership to stand strong against tyranny in all its forms.

One shudders to think where Hitler and the Jewish people might be today had Obama been president and dithered even longer than FDR. Think of the lives saved had Americans squared up earlier on Hitler.

Look at all those graves, Mr. President. Anything come to mind? What’s your take-a-way, Mr. President?

I am sorry to say that chewing gum is the least of this president’s problems.

PS: Syria’s chemical weapons.

PPS: Iran’s nuclear capability.

PPPS: Russian aggression in the Ukraine.

PPPPS: Negotiating with Hamas to the detriment of Israel