Yes We Can-Can

You would think that the Complete Las Vegan, after 40 some years in Las Vegas, might become just a little jaded when it comes to girlie shows -- beads, feathers, bare breasts and all.

But I caught the show at the Moulin Rouge in Paris Friday night and enjoyed every sequin of it.

Another Nevadan by the name of Mark Twain saw the show in Paris some 120 years ago. He said he covered his face with his hands, but looked through his fingers. I just straight up looked (literally) in a seat so close to the stage our party was frequently brushed with feathers. The Moulin Rouge still uses the old Maitre d' seating system. So despite my last-minute reservations, a few well-placed euros gave us any seat in the house. (I miss those days in Las Vegas, by the way.)

My wife said she particularly enjoyed the pageantry and the costumes. I agreed ... "Yes, honey, the pageantry and the costumes!"

Anyway, the meal was good for the venue and the show was great. If you ever get the chance, I'd recommend it. Even for Las Vegans who are used to the biggest, best and most spectacular shows in the world, the Moulin Rouge in Paris still has a history and a charm that adds up to great showmanship.

Here's a sneak peek. (Warning: Aside from the pageantry, parts of the costumes are, ahem, missing.)