Zimmerman arrested, charged

Florida special prosecutor Angela Corey announced the results of her investigation in the Trayvon Martin case: George Zimmerman will be charged with second-degree murder.

At this point, we're still light on facts surrounding the case, but obviously the state of Florida thinks what Zimmerman did cross the line and did not qualify for protection under the "stand your ground" law. A court will now sort it out.

Two things strike me at this point.

First, Ms. Corey says that "We did not come to this decision lightly. We do not prosecute by pressure or petition." But wasn't it the public outcry of injustice that lead to the oversight to begin with?

Second, Ms. Corey pointed out that there was a lot of information in this case that was released that shouldn't have been released.

Well, no freaking kidding, sheriff. And there was alot a lot of information that was made up by the news media, too. Even George Zimmerman's race was changed by some media outlets to fit the black vs. white scenario. Zimmerman's dad is white and his mother is Hispanic. At first, Zimmerman was described as Hispanic. Then he was described as white. Then he was described as a white Hispanic.

One of the things we should take a way at this point from the Zimmerman case is what a lousy job a good chunk of the news media did on this case. A rush to judgment by an angry mob and a trial by cable news shows is never, ever a good thing.