ENTERTAINMENT: Celine coming back? Well, yeah.

  Two local entertainment-oriented blogs recently did echo-chamber magnification of a Robin Leach “exclusive” report that Celine Dion will return to the Colosseum at Caesars Palace.
  Gee, ya think?
  The excitement over this non-news is baffling when you consider:
  a. The singer and her husband-manager didn’t sell their Henderson house when they closed the show at Caesars and embarked on a world tour this year.
  b. The world tour is promoted by AEG Live, which produced her show at Caesars and runs the Colosseum. So she never really quit working for the same producer. She just took the show on the road.
  c. There will be plenty of room for everyone — Rod Stewart, Billy Joel, etc. —  considering AEG is building another Colosseum-sized venue at Boyd Gaming’s new Echelon, and more than likely a sports arena next to Bally’s as well.
  The singer called Las Vegas "a little bit my hometown” last December. “It's been an amazing success, this whole thing. When I'm back in the area, it's going to be like singing to my hometown."
   Notice she didn’t say “if.”