YOUR BEST FRIENDS: Readers share pictures of their pets, Sept. 25

Kiara Castro of North Las Vegas has two Shih Tzus that came from Peru. "They are friendly, playful and sometimes independent. The white Shih Tzu is Lola, and the other dog is Cookie."

Jan Reese of Summerlin South shared this photo of Scampy, her son’s dog, showing off his wedding invitation. "They adopted the dog from Doggie Protective Services last year.  She is the best and most loving dog I have ever met."

Nicole K. Briggs of Centennial Hills shared these photos of Jackson, above, and Sierra, below. “They go everywhere with us. They love adventure as much as we do. We take them literally everywhere we go: boating, camping, fishing, swimming, kayaking, hunting, or to play tennis and basketball. Their favorite place in the world is what I like to call ‘Doggie Disneyland’ č the dog park! We would take them shopping if the stores would let us.”