Would Spears bring baggage for Caesars stay?

Caesars finally put out a statement on Friday saying, yes, execs are trying to book Britney Spears as a Planet Hollywood Resort headliner.

I talked to people who have either worked with Spears or are Strip VIPs. They don’t want to talk on the record.

But I have heard insider information about Spears for years, so let me pose some questions to her potential bosses here.

Do you expect her to always be on time and never miss a show?

Then again, if Spears were to miss some shows (everyone does), Planet Hollywood would probably not have to pay her for absences.

Planet Hollywood would still splash Spears’ body across electric billboards, and the hotel would reap tremendous free publicity .

Spears’ manager, Larry Rudolph, would still get paid.

And Spears would regain some stardom, so that’s good for her, presuming a Vegas residency is healthy for the mind, body and soul.

I mean, is Spears the most dependable, obedient star in the world? I imagine people are saying: “Who cares? It’s Britney.”

I would ask Caesars questions directly, but Caesars announced, “No further statement will be made at this time.”

By the way, I don’t dislike Spears personally, and I don’t know anyone who does. I have felt sorry for her for a long time.


Sammy Hagar grossed more than $80 million by selling his Cabo Wabo tequila brand to Gruppo Campari several years ago.

Hagar is in Vegas to perform for free tonight at his Cabo Wabo Cantina. So I asked him what the secret is to his success.

“Hard work, passion and a good idea — you can’t (mess) up a good idea,” he said.

“I’ve been a pretty lucky guy. I’ll admit it in a second. I’m definitely not the smartest guy I know. I don’t have more talent than my peers,” the effervescent rock star said.

“I really believe in everything I do. I’ve never done anything just for fame and fortune.”

He says people “quit my organization” when he launched Cabo Wabo Cantina in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, because they didn’t believe in it.

“They thought I was nuts.”

Last year, he started a rum company in Hawaii.

“I’m really loving it when it’s small like this,” he said. “We only did about 10,000 or 12,000 cases last year.”

Oh, is that all?

“I just got back from Hawaii. I stirred the mash myself!”

To see tonight’s show at 9, pick up one of 200 wristbands at 8 a.m. at his cantina in the Miracle Mile Shops.


A cool $1 million will be awarded to the best video gamers (playing “Madden,” “FIFA” and “NHL” games) after tonight’s EA Sports Challenge finals at Lagasse’s Stadium in the Palazzo. Huge sponsors have that kind of bank: Virgin Gaming, EA Sports, PlayStation and CBS Interactive. GameSpot.com will live-stream coverage.

Meanwhile, the world’s greatest video game makers were at the Hard Rock Hotel’s Joint on Thursday for the D.I.C.E. Awards, which crowned PS 3’s casual game “Journey” as Game of the Year. Check out my blog wrap-up at lvrj.com.


Michael Phelps drank vodka and chatted up ladies at 1 Oak nightclub Thursday after eating at N9NE. ... Kelsey Grammer took his wife and kid to Wolfgang Puck’s Spago in Caesars on Wednesday for calamari, wings, spaghetti, oysters and cookies; they returned Thursday for mussels, chopped salad and pizza. ... Lance Bass saw “Love” Thursday with his mom and a few friends. ... Smokey Robinson and Michael Bolton ate dinner together Thursday at Lavo (Bolton had eggplant parmigiana; Smokey went with chicken salad).


@sisflip028 on Britney gigging Vegas: “because Evil Dead the Musical wasn’t gory enough.”

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