In Case You Missed It: Toddler becomes Superman fan right before our eyes

You typically get two things when watching a movie with kids:

  1. Constant talking and repeated questions
  2. The most genuine reactions to special effects ever

With his mom recording, a 16-month old boy sits in his dad’s lap watching and cheering on the “Man of Steel.”

The little guy is literally awestruck by Superman’s “First Flight sequence.” He oohs and aahs — or are those wows? — then imitates Superman (actor Henry Cavill in his tight-fitting blue suit and red cape) when he soars up into the sky with arms raised above his head.

“I’ve spawned another fan!” wrote his dad.

And provided us all a little dose of adorable. And for that we thank you.

I know what this kid’s going to want for Christmas … Superman pajamas! (Didn’t we all?)

By the way, a “Man of Steel” sequel, “Batman Vs. Superman,” is due out in May of 2016.

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