By the Light of the Moon

On a clear night, the most striking feature of Moon, the penthouse nightclub atop the Palms, is -- wait for it -- the actual moon.

That's because one of the club's signature features is a retractable roof that opens to provide a view of the nighttime sky, invariably with deeply dramatic effect.

The nightly roof-retracting experiences are "super popular," says Jason "JRoc" Craig, Moon's lead VIP host and marketing project manager. "We'll build up energy in the room with the lights and everything else and, all of a sudden, it will open."

The N9NE Group, with the Palms, owns and operates Moon, located at 4321 W. Flamingo Road. And, with 12,500 square feet of space and a capacity of about 500, Moon is a member of that know-it-when-you-see-it subset of clubdom known as the boutique nightclub.

Moon's offerings include such high-tech amenities as a dance floor fitted with LED fixtures that change colors and patterns as guests walk on them, as well as a computerized projection system that can cast images onto walls, the ceiling, hanging curtains of glass beads or anywhere else that seems interesting.

The music menu is eclectically changeable, but includes a mix of Top 40, electronic, hip-hop, rock, mashups and house. And, Craig says, there are plans to locate a permanent DJ booth right on the dance floor, so as to provide an even higher-energy environment than exists now.

Among Moon's special events are Tuesday industry nights, which on April 6 (with a soft opening) will morph into "Bang! Tuesday" and, Craig says, offer "a different feel than I think we have ever had there."

He describes the theme as " '50s, sci-fi, retro pinup," and it will feature customized comic-style ads, performance art, uniform changes for the staff and whole new visual mindset.

Meanwhile, VIP room changes also are planned, among them touches designed to "give a more plush feel in there," Craig says.

Moon opens at 11 p.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, and festivities continue until 4 a.m. or so.

Cover is $20 weekdays and $40 weekends, which offers admission to Moon and the neighboring Playboy Club. Cover is free for locals on Tuesdays. Meanwhile, a VIP pass for $60 offers all-access, no-waiting access to Moon, the Playboy Club, Rain and ghostbar.

Reservations are strongly recommended for tables. For more information, call 942-7000.

Contact reporter John Przybys at jprzybys@ or 702-383-0280.