Linkin Park aficionados get a chance to see band live

Linkin Park’s frontman spent the better part of last year belting out “Sex Type Thing” on tour with the Stone Temple Pilots.

Now, Chester Bennington returns to the band that made him famous (and vice versa) and hits The Joint for one of only two shows the group has booked in the States thus far in 2014 (the other being in L.A. on Saturday).

The band that put a friendly face on rap-rock’s unsmiling mug at the turn of the century is focused on a different hybrid (theory) these days: Collaborating with superstar DJ-producer Steve Aoki on the new song “A Light That Never Comes,” released on their remix album “Recharged” last fall, Linkin Park has one eye on the dance floor, the other on the mosh pit.

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