Missing Links

In a tribute to Michael Jackson, eternalmoon walk.com is gathering videos of people doing the moonwalk, stringing them together and allowing the dance to go on and on. Video yourself doing the moonwalk and you can be one of the people from around the world contributing.

It's the season for holiday parties and if you manage not to embarrass yourself in front of the boss, don't blow it by shaming yourself on a social media site. With socialmedia sobrietytest.com, you can customize which days and hours you are banned from signing on to sites such as Facebook and Twitter. If you try to sign on you must pass a sobriety test first, preventing posts you don't want to explain to your mom later.

Perhaps you've seen "The Best Thing I Ever Ate" on Food Network. But what about the flip side? At worstthing ieverate.com people post pictures of the nastiest food they've ever come across, whether it's a product on a store's shelves or airplane food gone horribly wrong.

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