Missing Links

Have a great idea, but you just need some financial backers? Have a little extra cash and want to fund someone's artistic dream? Visit www.indiegogo.com, where people post their projects and visitors have a chance to donate a little cash to the cause.

Thumb through a Crate & Barrel catalog and everything seems so ... perfect. But what if those were real people's kitchens? What kind of stories could be told about them? At catalogliving. tumblr.com, pictures from catalogs are featured with wry commentary about what's really going on in the picture-perfect lives of "Gary" and "Elaine."

If you've done it already, might as well mark it off the list. At www.diddit.com, there is a list of life experiences you can check off or use to get ideas on something you'd like to share. You also can interact with people who share similar interests and discuss your experiences, whether it's reading a book by Agatha Christie, making a pit stop on Zzyzx Road or checking off which Las Vegas buffets you've eaten at. And if you haven't done it yet, you can put a star by things you'd like to try.

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