Waxahatchee, a one-woman band, wallows like no other

Young, naive love grows up on “Cerulean Salt,” the second album from one-woman-band Waxahatchee, and just as a kid’s bones ache in the midst of a growth spurt, so does Katie Crutchfield’s heart.

Crutchfield, 25, navigates the ecstasy and banality of budding and broken relationships on “Cerulean Salt,” an album where her plaintive voice and scruffy guitar playing convey the longing she sings of as directly as if you were experiencing it yourself.

“I’m trying to brace the lows,” she announces on “Coast to Coast,” and that, above all else is what this album is about: wallowing a bit and then moving on — for her at least, the songs in question being far more difficult to leave behind.

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