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Listen to live sets from EDC 2015

All sorts of goodies have already begun to surface this morning from EDC 2015. Live sets from a host of this year’s performers have made their way to the web, full sets have been posted to both Sound Cloud and YouTube.

Justin Bieber and Ruby Rose in Las Vegas

Apparently Ruby Rose, whom you know by now better as Stella Carlin, from binging on “Orange Is the New Black,” frequently gets told she looks like Justin Bieber. The two happened to be in Las Vegas at the same time this past weekend — Rose for EDC, presumably, and Biebs just because, apparently — and snapped a selfie together at Encore Beach Club.

Assad Brothers share spotlight with fellow Brazilian

Brilliant guitar duo the Assad Brothers seemed more than willing to share the spotlight with fellow Brazilian Romero Lubambo on Friday at Cabaret Jazz. It was a gracious gesture, but somewhat disappointing to audience members who came to see the featured twosome.

EDC is an experience like no other

It’s 4:30 in the morning. Do you know where you kids are? We do. They’re right here in Las Vegas, raging hardcore like no other, and literally having the time of their lives — at least from what we can tell. We haven’t been able to talk to them. Fact is, it’s far too loud to actually have a conversation.

Taking a ride on EDC’s magic bus

It’s just before sunset on Friday night on 9th and Freemont in downtown Las Vegas. I’m standing in a parking lot across from Atomic Liquors waiting to catch a shuttle to the first night of Electric Daisy Carnival. Not sure how this going to go, exactly, but if it helps me avoid the insufferable traffic tie-ups I’ve been hearing about all week, count me in. Totally worth the $100 for a three-day pass. I hate traffic like some people hate dance music.

More fascinating figures from EDC

How many confetti blowers would you say it takes to drizzle 18,000 pounds of shredded party preciption on legions of EDM lovers at EDC? Find out the answer to that and a bunch of other fascinating festival-related figures. We already shared the breakdown of the number of EDC attendees from each state with you, and now we have some more fascinating festival-related figures.

Number of EDC fans ranked by state

If Electric Daisy Carnival were running for office — for the sake of argument, let’s just say Minister of Rave — what states do you think it would have to campaign in the hardest, and which ones do you think would be a lock for securing the electronic vote?

Steel Panther rocking House of Blues

As gloriously over-the-top as Steel Panther’s shtick is, the musicianship is serious. No kidding, these knuckle-dragging maestros play hair metal with a proficiency that’s as good, if not better, than actual practitioners from the late ’80s.