5 romantic videos of people sing-driving that one ‘Frozen’ song

We are quite sure the driver of this car is breaking all manner of laws by taking his hands off of the steering wheel while he sings — and he keeps looking at his passenger. NOT SAFE. But you know, we don’t want to be a Captain Buzzkill because “how cute is this?”

If you’re uninformed about what’s going on here, two Navy baseball guys, Matt Kilby and Brad Borosak, are lip-syncing “Love is an Open Door,” from “Frozen.” You know what lip-syncing is, don’t you? It’s when you put your lips together and don’t blow.

If you don’t know what “Frozen” is, you probably don’t have kids who make you sit through movies 800,000 times in a row every day. It’s last year’s big Disney animation hit, inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Snow Queen,” and the film is the highest-grossing animated movie of all time (not counting inflation), having banked $1.1 billion.

The really crazy thing about this “Frozen” film is it’s now a bona fide trend for people to video themselves singing/lip-syncing songs from “Frozen” in the car with, say, their toddler not caring in the back seat.

America — we multitask dangerously for the enjoyment of YouTube thumbs-ups. Here are five such videos. Enjoy/you will hate this song if you listen to all five of these videos back-to-back.