‘Power Rangers’ get film by ‘Twilight’ studio

Another hour, another revamped movie franchise.

Lionsgate — the makers of “Twilight” and “The Hunger Games” — announced the coming production of a new “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” live-action film.

This deal is with with L.A.’s Saban Brands, which has its fingers in all sorts of toy-driven entertainment conglomerates marketed at kids, like “Dragon Ball Z Kai,” “Sonic X” and “Digimon.”

The word going around: Lionsgate wants a franchise that can keep going and going, sequel upon sequel.

(Full disclosure: I was assigned to write about this, then I found out Lionsgate’s involvement, and my girlfriend’s brother is an executive at Lionsgate. But I have no insider whatever regarding any of this. So.)

Me? I’m more of a “Powerpuff Girls” kind of guy, but more power to you Rangers out there.