Sacha Baron Cohen returns in 'Brüno'

Movie: "Brüno"

When: Opening Friday at local theaters

Cast: Sacha Baron Cohen

Director: Larry Charles

The story: A flamboyant Austrian fashionista takes his show ("Funkyzeit mit Brüno") on the road -- to the United States, where his in-your-face gayness irritates more than a few people, famous and otherwise.

The buzz: The Cohen-Charles team follows 2006's "Borat" with another comedy focusing on a character from Cohen's HBO showcase "Da Ali G Show." Celebrity cameos abound as Brüno encounters a variety of famous folks, from politicians (former presidential candidate Ron Paul) to movie stars (Harrison Ford) to pop icons (Elton John, Bono, Sting). But one victim's spoof footage has been excised; because of Michael Jackson's recent death, studio officials eliminated a brief scene in which Brüno chats with Jackson's sister LaToya -- and tries to find Michael's phone number on her BlackBerry.