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TV sitcom stars never die, they just go on to perform at Mirage

Good TV sitcoms have eternal life in syndication, and at The Mirage. “Everybody Loves Raymond” ended in 2005 and “King of Queens” in 2007. Yet stars Ray Romano and Kevin James continue a tradition of teaming up for stand-up comedy at The Mirage, one that dates back to when the shows were still on CBS.

Jeselnik finds his niche with wicked one-liners

The more people have come to know what to expect from Anthony Jeselnik, the more they line up to see him as the charming sociopath methodically teeing up one-liners about rape, AIDS, incest, abortion — you name it.

‘Peepshow’ alums staying busy

For a title that closed in September, “Peepshow” still casts a long shadow. Talk of the striptease-themed revue reopening at The Quad seems to have died down for now, but this week is seeing plenty of alumni activity.