Unconventional: In these fantasies, big is beautiful

“We’re more attainable ­— we’re natural, real. We’re not all plastic,” says plus-size porn actress Mimi Melons about the allure of BBW porn. BBW stands for “big beautiful women,” and that allure brings a few hundred exhibitors and attendees to the annual BBW Fanfest at the Tuscany in Las Vegas.

Melons, shown at last year’s event, says the convention is the first one devoted solely to BBW porn. While plus-sized adult film actresses attend regular mainstream adult conventions, their niche is usually considered more of a fetish. But at the BBW Fanfest, they are the star of the show, where classes such as Face/Chest Sitting are taught.

“At one point we were considered a dirty secret,” Melons says. “You hid your BBW porn under the mattress. No one knew you watched it. You didn’t want anyone to know you liked fat ladies.” But she thinks that is changing. “Up until now we’ve really been considered a fetish niche. And I don’t think we’re a fetish, we’re a preference.”