Literary Las Vegas: Vicki Pettersson's "The Taken"

Former Las Vegas showgirl Vicki Pettersson has launched a new series on the heels of her hit Signs of the Zodiac novels. The Celestial Blues series follows rockabilly reporter Kit Craig and fallen angel Grif Shaw. Kit loves the '50s, Grif is from the '50s. It would be a match made in heaven, if either of them were there. Instead the unlikely team is on a search for a killer loose in Las Vegas.

The Clark County Library, 1401 E. Flamingo Road, plans to host a free event for the series' first book, "The Taken," from 7 to 9:30 p.m. June 21. Event plans include a reading, a signing and a contest to reward readers who come decked out in rockabilly style. For more information, visit or

Excerpt from "The Taken"

She looked at him dubiously. Grif frowned. Sure, his suit was rumpled, but it was clean enough, and his pomade had held at his time of death, though it was hidden beneath the brim of his fedora. A little ginger stubble had sprouted - he'd been offed after five - but if his eyes were hard, they were also clear. All in all, not too bad for fifty years dead.

Yet Rockwell remained unconvinced. "How do I know you're not tricking me? You could latch on and suck my soul down to hell, like in that movie."

"You mean Ghost, right?" A couple of younger Centurions had explained about that. Some sleeper flick that hit it big a couple of decades ago. Now he had to explain himself to every corpse that walked his way. "Look, I'm not a demon, and I'm no ghost. I'm a ... gentleman."

Nicole blinked.

"Lots of firsts for you today, eh, Ms. Rockwell?"