In Case You Missed It: Bull tosses woman into stands, she smiles

Imagine the terror running through your mind as you run from a bull knowing he’s quickly gaining on you.

Let me remind you bulls typically weigh more than 1,000 pounds and they can get a bit testy when agitated.

A woman lived this nightmare at the Zapote Bull Festival in Costa Rica. Wearing a bright orange shirt, she didn’t stand a chance. Almost immediately the bull locked in on her and charged. She ran for her life, but before she knew it she was flying into the crowd.

The bull grabbed her with his horns and with a quick flip tossed her like a rag doll, easily clearing the arena wall. The crowd, which likely didn’t think this was going to end well, caught her. A reporter, looking for an interview of a lifetime, caught up with her.

CNN reported she was uninjured, which makes sense because she was all smiles (she’s on TV!) and said she’s happy to be alive to talk about it.

I bet, but let’s talk about running form.

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