In Case You Missed It: Undercover Arnold pranks gym-goers

Arnold goes undercover. No, not for a new “Terminator” or another “Expendables.” Mr. Olympia himself goes undercover for the kids.

In a new YouTube video prank aimed at promoting health and fitness in children and raising money for the After-School All-Stars program Schwarzenegger (man, that’s hard to spell) becomes Howard (much easier), a Gold’s Gym employee in Venice, Calif., complete with handlebar mustache, ponytail and baseball hat.

Unfortunately, no matter how good the disguise, Arnold’s distinct accent gives him away. But that doesn’t stop him from staying in character and giving sound workout advice.

“If it burns, it grows.”

“Stop being a baby. This is Gold’s Gym. Not a baby gym.”

“We do everything in reps … so do another rep of water drinking.”

“You have elbows and you have knees. So touch them.”

“I love what I see. I see what I love.”

Not sure how the last piece of advice fits, but it is motivating nonetheless … I think.

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