NY woman survives being run over by 3 trains

A woman in New York is lucky to be alive after she survived being run over by three subway trains on Sunday.

And she escaped the terrifying ordeal with only a broken shoulder.

According to the New York Post, 22-year-old Mary Downey fell from the subway platform onto the tracks on Sunday after drunkenly stumbling into the 49th Street station.

As a train was coming her way, she was able to position herself between the rails before the train rolled over her. And that wasn’t the end of it.

According to Time, two more trains passed over her before she was seen. The third train operator saw her waving her hand and was able to bring the train to a halt, but not before the train passed over her.

“She was lucky enough to have, it looks like to us, rolled to the platform and was in between the platform and the train when the train came into the station,” FDNY Battalion Chief Mike Meyers told the New York Post.

Downey was rushed to the hospital and treated for a broken shoulder.

“She’s doing really well,” a friend of Downey told told the New York Post. “She just fractured her shoulder.”

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