Combine colors, textures to add drama to décor

When designing for the home, remember that layering elements is the secret to creating rich-feeling rooms. Whether you want your décor to have a calming, understated feel or over-the-top opulence, combining colors, textures and patterns allows you to bring depth and just the right amount of drama to your space.

Think, for instance, of a bed with lovely, fluffy pillows -- the very definition of inviting and cozy. Varying the fabrics of the pillows can increase the sense of abundance and luxury that we all want to dive into at the end of the day. Placing a particularly eye-catching one up front provides a focal point, giving the space a more finished and welcoming look.

If your bedding seems a little bland, slipping a pillow into an embellished wrapper is a fun, easy way to perk it up. Look for fabrics that play off the colors in the room while mixing large and small patterns, or different textures to make your wrapped pillow a true centerpiece.

To create an embellished wrapper:

Cut a strip of fabric long enough to wrap around the middle of the pillow and wide enough to reveal some of the ends of the pillow, plus 1 inch on all sides.

Hem the sides of the fabric and sew on the trim.

Fold the fabric in half right side-in and sew the ends together to create a tube.

Slip the pillow into the tube and wrap the ribbon around the center. Knot the ribbon and tie the ends in a bow.

Hand-stitch the edges of the bow together. Stitch your embellishment such as a fabric flower, buckle or decorative pin to the center of the bow.

Part of the beauty of this project is that you can get beautiful results with so few steps, but if you want a more elaborate pillow wrap, consider layering fabrics or adding more embellishments to the center.

Dena Fishbein hosts the television show "Embellish This!" aired monthly on the DIY Network. To ask her how to embellish anything, e-mail her at or visit