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6 banking technologies you’ll see in the next 5 years

You might be used to visiting your local bank, speaking with a teller and paying a few bills. But what if in the next five years you performed all these actions without setting foot inside a bank? And what if you were able to not just perform typical banking activities — withdraw money, transfer money, deposit a check, etc. — but also purchase a plane ticket while you were there?

Student-created app to guide shoppers around Downtown Summerlin

Finding stores at Downtown Summerlin will be getting easier, thanks to West Career & Technical Academy students. Marketing students from the school at 11945 W. Charleston Blvd. are working on a Google Maps application that will allow shoppers to navigate the 106-acre, 1.6 million-square-foot shopping destination’s 150 stores using their smartphones.

Biostamp tattoo turns skin into computer

A patch of gold, just a few centimeters wide and light as a feather, could reveal your innermost thoughts and feelings. This is the premise of Professor John Rogers’ Biostamp. By attaching flexible, miniature sensors to the user’s temple, he has been able to track brain waves in real time and transmit them as messages.