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Complaints warrant checkups on doctors

The Nevada Board of Medical Examiners had a backlog of 525 complaints at the start of 2015. An additional 1,078 complaints were filed last year — about three per day. By the end of the year, 570 complaints were pending.

Judicial elections needing scrutiny

Vincent Ginn was the last person to enter a Clark County judicial race Friday, and he attracted some attention because he had already done so. He switched races just before the 5 p.m. deadline to file for office.

Don't be scammed; give wisely

If you are a regular reader of this column you already know that one of my ongoing concerns is that any money you give to nonprofits be used for the best purpose.

Author now believes judge didn't leak info to mob

Retired FBI agent and author Gary Magnesen has changed his mind. He no longer believes the late U.S. District Judge Harry Claiborne was leaking materials from FBI search warrant affidavits to the mob in the early 1980s, as he wrote in his 2010 book, "Straw Men."

Saving Huntridge Theater too taxing, readers say

One impassioned reader came out swinging when I wrote last Thursday it was time to stop dumping tax and fee dollars into saving the Huntridge Theater. After all, about $2 million of the public's money hasn't done the job so far.