Steven Emerson's Nov. 18 commentary, "Don't soft pedal group's ties to radical Islam," mistakenly attributed this comment to Yasser Motten, director of the Nevada chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations: "So almost six years have passed since 9/11, and Americans are now getting wise to what this Bush administration is doing to Muslims. They are blaming everything on Islamic terrorism. And they are getting wise to the one-sided political media domination by pro-Israeli groups, and they're demanding a better foreign policy from our administration." The quote should have been attributed to Atif Fareed, chairman of CAIR's Florida chapter.

A story about turkey preparation on today's Taste cover includes a photograph of maple-spice brined turkey breast with chardonnay sauce. The recipe can be found online at

A story in Tuesday's Business section contained an error. Texas-based developer Christopher Milam was seeking approval to build a 1,150-foot-high hotel tower on the Wet n' Wild site. The Federal Aviation Administration is recommending that any project built on the site be no more than 1,064 feet high.

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