County to be paid for patients transported by firefighters

Clark County will be reimbursed for up to 1,000 patients transported by firefighters a year.

Commissioners today signed off on a rule that will go into effect in January. It calls for the county to be paid $628 to $728 when firefighters take a patient to a hospital.

Fire officials say county emergency teams transport an average of 350 patients a year without reimbursement. Both the cities of Las Vegas and Henderson are reimbursed for such transports.

“We’re already transporting,” Commissioner Chris Giunchigliani said. “We’re the only ones who don’t get to collect.”

Commissioner Steve Sisolak reiterated his concerns that this provision could lead to firefighters being paid bonuses for transporting patients. He pointed to a clause in the labor contract that calls for the county to negotiate with firefighters for extra pay when an emergency transport program is created.

But a union leader insisted he had no intention of pushing for bonus pay.

“We’re not opening our contract to increase our pay,” said Ryan Beaman, president of the International Association of Firefighters Local 1908.

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