Man arrested for impersonating officer to coerce woman into sex

A 32-year-old man was arrested by Las Vegas police Thursday and accused of impersonating a police detective to force a woman to have sex with him.

According to his arrest report, Douglas Brian Irvin Jr. convinced a masseuse with the stage name "Isabella" to meet him at a hotel room at Hooters casino on May 15.

Isabella told detectives she met "Mark," later identified as Irvin, with the intention of giving him a sensual body rub for $180.

She said Irvin began to touch her sexually against her will. When she told him to stop, he offered her $10,000 for sex, the report said.

Isabella told detectives she agreed and told Irvin that she needed the money up front and that he would have to wear a condom.

Irvin then pulled out a laminated identification card that said "police" on it, she said. Irvin told her that he was a vice detective and that "she was in lots of trouble," the report said. Irvin told her she would be arrested unless she had sex with him for free, she told police.

She said his demeanor was "very coplike," and she believed he was a real detective, so she agreed to have sex to avoid being arrested, the report said.

Detectives located Irvin on Thursday after he checked in with his parole officer.

During the interview with police, Irvin told several different stories. He admitted to having sex with the woman but said it was consensual.

Irvin also denied impersonating a police officer, but when he was searched, detectives found a laminated nongaming casino work card with the Metropolitan Police Department listed on it .

Irvin said he must have accidentally shown her the card while taking out his driver's license.

When detectives checked Irvin's cellphone, they found several photos of himself in police uniforms and a photo of a police ID card that identified him as a "special agent." Irvin told police the photos were from his various roles in film and television. According to the Internet Movie Database, "Brian Irvin" had uncredited roles in the "CSI" television show and "The Hangover" film.

Irvin was arrested and booked at Clark County Detention Center on allegations of impersonating a police officer, oppression under color of law, five counts of sexual assault and coercion.

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