North Las Vegas man faces multiple charges for assault on wife

A North Las Vegas man faces attempted murder and assault charges after his wife accused him of pushing her off a cliff and into the waters of Lake Mohave.

Glenn Duane Moss was indicted Wednesday in Las Vegas by a federal grand jury. The document charges him with attempted murder, assault with intent to commit murder and assault resulting in serious bodily injury.

According to a criminal complaint previously filed against Moss, he pushed his wife off a 20-foot-high cliff on Nov. 3 within the Lake Mead National Recreation Area. The woman is identified in court documents only as L.M.

The woman told authorities that she and Moss had a picnic at Nelson's Landing before he told her to look at the fish in the lake. When she came to the edge of the cliff , Moss "suddenly pushed hard" in the center of her back and sent her into the water below, the complaint said.

"L.M. stated that she screamed for help and that she looked up and observed Glenn Duane Moss watching her without speaking," the document said. "L.M. stated that she felt she was going to die because she cannot swim but that she managed to get back to the shoreline."

The woman attracted the attention of someone on a personal watercraft who took her away from the area. She then met a friend and called 911.

According to the complaint, Moss told authorities that his wife had lost her balance and that he had tried to grab her around the waist to prevent her from falling. He denied telling his wife to look into the water for fish, and he denied pushing her off the cliff.

According to the complaint, his wife told authorities that she and her husband were married in 1998 in the Philippines.