Thieves beat police to marijuana grow house

When Las Vegas police raided a marijuana grow house early Wednesday morning, it appeared that thieves had beaten them to the punch.

Police responded to a report received about 1 a.m. that the front door of a home in the 7700 block of Mesa Verde Lane had been forced open.

Detectives found the home had been converted into an indoor growing operation. They seized 305, mostly immature plants and about $45,000 worth of hydroponic growing equipment.

"It appeared that most of the mature plants had already been removed from the residence," according to a news release from the Metropolitan Police Department. "It was also evident an unknown suspect(s) had forced their way into the residence with the intention of stealing marijuana and/or equipment; however, no one was inside the residence at the time."

Police also said the growers were stealing electricity and an official from Nevada Energy said the home's wiring was overloaded.