Dentist gets probation for hiding camera in bathroom

A Las Vegas dentist who hid a camera in an office bathroom and recorded an employee while she changed her clothes was sentenced to two years of probation Thursday.

Dr. Mahesh Patel last month pleaded guilty to one count of capturing the image of a private area of another person, a gross misdemeanor, for an incident in January at his office, the Advanced Center for Dentistry, 770 Warm Springs Road, near Paradise Road.

According to a Las Vegas police report, Patel asked a female employee to assist him with a procedure and to change into scrubs.

Authorities said Patel had set up a video recorder in a tissue holder in a unisex restroom where the employee was to change.

The employee noticed the camera and confronted Patel.

The dentist acknowledged that the recorder belonged to him and said it "must have fallen out of his pocket," according to police.

When pressed by the employee, Patel apologized and said he had placed it there, police said.

The employee went to police, who found that the video had recorded the woman in her undergarments.

When asked by Judge Valorie Vega whether he wanted to speak before she sentenced him, Patel said, "I have nothing to say."

On top of the probation, Vega ordered him to pay nearly $1,000 in fines. If Patel, whose wife appeared in court with him, violates his probation, he could be sentenced to a year in jail.

Patel, a University of Iowa graduate, has an active license to practice dentistry, according to the Nevada State Board of Dental Examiners.

He was first licensed in 1993.