Titus re-election effort official

CANDIDATES WHO FILED FRIDAY to run for public office U.S. SENATE Jesse Holland, I Terry Suominen, R Arthur Forest Lampitt Jr., L U.S. HOUSE DISTRICT 2 Ken McKenna, D DISTRICT 3 Brad Leutwyler, R *Dina Titus, D GOVERNOR Michael L. Montandon, R ATTORNEY GENERAL Joel F. Hansen, IAP STATE ASSEMBLY DISTRICT 1 *Marilyn Kirkpatrick, D DISTRICT 3 *Peggy Pierce, D DISTRICT 4 Mark Andrews, IAP DISTRICT 10 Steve Lenores, L DISTRICT 15 Patrick Boylan, D DISTRICT 16 *John Oceguera, D DISTRICT 17 *Kelvin Atkinson, D DISTRICT 29 *April Mastroluca, D David Senecal, R DISTRICT 37 *Marcus Conklin, D UNIVERSITY BOARD OF REGENTS (nonpartisan) DISTRICT 3 Ken Lange DISTRICT 13 Joe Pitts CLARK COUNTY SHERIFF (nonpartisan) Laurie P. Bisch STATE CONTROLLER Gregory Nance Dagani, R OVERTON POWER DISTRICT 4, BUNKERVILLE (nonpartisan) Michael F. Wilson MEMBER, VIRGIN VALLEY WATER DISTRICT, BUNKERVILLE (nonpartisan) Kenyon R. Leavitt MEMBER, VIRGIN VALLEY WATER DISTRICT, MESQUITE (nonpartisan) Sandra Kay Ramaker MEMBER, MOAPA VALLEY WATER DISTRICT, OVERTON (nonpartisan) Kelby Robison OVERTON POWER DISTRICT 6, MESQUITE (nonpartisan) Douglas P. Waite *incumbent on the web For a complete list go to: \u25B6 lvrj.com/filings