Ex-NBA star Walker agrees to repay gambling markers

Former NBA star Antoine Walker will pay more than $12,800 a month to the Clark County District Attorney's bad check program in order to make good on gambling markers totaling more than $900,000.

Defense attorney Johnathan Powell and Chief Deputy District Attorney Bernie Zadrowski announced the agreement Monday to Las Vegas Justice Court Judge Melanie Andress-Tobiasson.

As part of the payment plan, Walker agreed to waive his preliminary hearing and Andress-Tobiasson said she would postpone sending Walker's case to District Court. She said if the former Boston Celtic misses a single monthly payment, she will transfer his case to the more stringent District Court "so fast it will make his head spin."

Walker racked up nearly $1 million in gambling debt to three Las Vegas casinos. He also owes hundreds of thousands of dollars in unpaid markers to casinos in Lake Tahoe.

Zadrowski said the $12,835 monthly payment represents a minimum and it would be paid over the course of 60 months. If Walker finds employment, the monthly payment could increase to $21,391 per month to be paid over three years.

Also, Walker agreed to forfeit the $135,000 cash bail he posted following his arrest in July, which will constitute the first payment to the casinos and leaves a balance of roughly $770,000.

Walker, who was not present in court, was charged with three counts of passing bad checks with the intent to defraud.

Zadrowski said after the hearing that he has every confidence Walker will pay the debt. There is incentive to do so. Zadrowski said Walker would avoid a felony conviction, as would any person in similar circumstances. Walker, said Zadrowski, does not have a prior criminal history.

He faced up to four years in prison on each count.

"This is a very good agreement," Zadrowski said. "...It's good for the victim, it's good for the defendant, and it's exactly what the Legislature had in mind when they enacted the bad check program."

Once Walker pays off his gambling debts, the case would be dismissed and Walker could apply to have it sealed. Walker, a three-time all-star, earned more than $100 million during his 12-year NBA career.

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