Findlay RV finance director says industry improved

Mike Navarro is on a long list of sales consultants who have worked many years for one of Nevada’s largest privately owned companies.

Now the finance director of Findlay RV at 4530 Boulder Highway, the nine-year employee is having the time of his life .

A native of Mexico City who was raised in Orange County, Calif., the Spanish-speaking Navarro is part of an operation that has been rejuvenated by a renewed interest in the recreational vehicle business in the past couple of years.

“We have had a great mixture of buyers recently,” Navarro said. “From young people in their 30s to senior citizens, there has been a very wide range of customers representing various walks of life.”

Navarro added that purchases have included a mixture of motor homes and coaches.

“Nowadays, motor homes have been fine-tuned because of the latest technology,” Navarro said. “They have rear cameras and GPS satellite systems and a motor home is one of the few tax deductions that customers can capitalize on anymore.”

Navarro adds that Southern Nevada’s proximity to various recreational destinations has become another key factor toward the purchase of an RV.

“During the hot summer months, our customers love escaping to areas like Southern Utah, which has some beautiful country,” he said. “In fact, Zion National Park between Cedar City and St. George (Utah) has long been known for its popularity.

“Even the Europeans converge on Zion. They say that Zion is much nicer than most of the parks in Europe.”

In addition, Navarro said trips to the beaches of Southern California along with the beauty of parts of Arizona also are favorite spots for those who own an RV.

“No doubt about it,” he said. “All of theses escapes are great answers to relaxation, especially during the summer.”

He also has expertise in the finance world .

“The lending industry has started to loosen its regulations in the past year,” Navarro said. “Because of that, we can now get attractive finance plans that will meet their needs. Rates fluctuate and so do the terms. People in my profession need to be on their toes so that we are apprised of the latest financial packages.”

Navarro said some customers are even selling their traditional homes to concentrate on traveling in their new homes on wheels.

“They want to take their motor homes anywhere they want to go,” he said. “We’re seeing those kinds of buyers more and more.”

For more information, call 702-435-2500 or visit Headed by General Manager Reuben Figueroa, the dealership is part of Findlay Automotive Group, which was founded more than 50 years ago by the late Pete Findlay, whose son, Cliff Findlay, now runs new and preowned dealerships in Nevada, Utah, Arizona and Idaho.