Green Valley High School's newspaper judged the best

Green Valley High School's student newspaper received top honors for the sixth straight year today at the 33rd annual Las Vegas Review-Journal High School Journalism Awards.

The InvestiGator, led by co-editors Olivia Scott and Jennifer Watson, was named best newspaper in standard format.

The Crusader Chronicle of Faith Lutheran High School, under editor Olivia Makinson, won the award for best newspaper in reduced format.

Contact reporter Carri Geer Thevenot at or 702-380-8135.


High School Journalism Award Winners


• R-Jeneration scholarships: Caitlyn Belcher, Foothill; John Callahan, Arbor View.

• Best newspaper (standard format): First, The InvestiGator, Green Valley, Olivia Scott and Jennifer Watson editors; second, The Expedition, Durango, Sandra Popovic, editor; third, The Tribune, Liberty, Alexa Kelly, editor; honorable mention (tie), The Hillside Hotwire, Foothill, Cait Belcher, editor; The Coronado Roar, Coronadol, Lindsey Riley and Megan Smallen, editors.

• Best newspaper (reduced format): first, Crusader Chronicle, Faith Lutheran, Olivia Makinson, editor; second, The Lone Wolf, Basic, Chloe Lomprey, editor; third, The Lance, Bishop Gorman, Jessica Beyer, editor.

• First Amendment: First, MacKenzie Warner, Accolades, Las Vegas Academy; second, Peter Gentile, “Crusader Chronicle,” Faith Lutheran; third, Olivia Steinberg, The InvestiGator, Green Valley.

• Best editorial: First, Erika Turner, Liberty; second, Chanelle Bessette, Spring Valley; third, Megan Smallen, Coronado; honorable mention, Kassandra Gillette, Durango.

• Best Opinion writing (humorous): First, Lizzy Hernandez, Coronado; second, Corinne Handy, Arbor View; third, Darcie Willett, Liberty; honorable mention, Alison Saclolo, Green Valley.

• Best Opinion writing (serious): First, Alexa Catalfamo, Durango; second, Christian Bertolaccini, Spring Valley; third, Erika Turner, Liberty; honorable mention, Samantha Falco, Arbor View; Brianne Houston, Desert Pines.

• Best Opinion writing (pro-con): First, Zack Sanderson and Ryan Shovlin, Bishop Gorman; second, Emily Browning and Tyler Livingston, Advanced Technologies Academy; third, Spenser Silbey and Ajay Batra, The Meadows; honorable mention, Brianna Vargas and Emily Browning Advanced Technologies Academy.

• Best illustration: First, Raquel Treichel, Liberty; second, Hannah Stoddard, Green Valley; third, Kevin Ortiz, Foothill; honorable mention, Justin Overlay, Green Valley.

• Best informational artwork: First, Alexa Kelly, Liberty; second, Divya Venkat and Jennifer Watson, Green Valley; third, Alison Saclolo, Green Valley; honorable mention, Erika Delos Santos, Liberty.

• Best editorial cartoon: First, Hannah Stoddard, Green Valley; second: Raquel Treichel, Liberty; third, Lionel Miranda, Silverado; honorable mention, Martia Moore, Legacy.

• Best sports news story: First, Kirk Reed, The Meadows; second, Chanidapa Klinhom, Durango; third, Juan Pergentili, Spring Valley; honorable mention, Josh Nacion, Coronado; Danny Webster, Coronado.

• Best sports feature: First, Joe Rajchel, Green Valley; second, Kalie Nelson, Foothill; third, Curtis Wheeler, Coronadol; honorable mention, Dylan Rogers, Liberty.

• Best news story: First, Ralph Nitollama, Green Valley; second, Olivia Scott, Green Valley; third, Nevena Cvijetic, Sierra Vista; Taylor Hardy, Sierra Vistal; honorable mention, Ian Caramanzana, Spring Valley.

• Best news feature story: First, Olivia Scott, Green Valley; second, Kirk Reed, The Meadows; third, Courtney Davis, Basic; honorable mention, Miranda Kosacek, Liberty.

• Best feature story: First, Jennifer Watson, Green Valley; second, Stacy Newman, Palo Verde; third, Lindsey Riley, Coronado; honorable mention, Alexa Kelly, , and Vivian Punzalan, Sierra Vista.

• Best entertainment story: First, Alison Saclolo, Green Valley; second, Samantha Falco, Arbor View; third, Jacob Rubeck, Basic; honorable mention, John Lapid, Sierra Vista, Estello Raganit, Sierra Vista, and Samantha Robinson, Legacy.

• Best review: First, Clarke Knight, Green Valley; second, Erika Turner, Liberty; third, Julia Cabulia, Clark; honorable mention, Minka Olguin, Canyon Springs.

• Best Page One design (standard format): First, Sandra Popovic, Durango; second, Caitlyn Belcher, Foothill; third, Olivia Scott, Green Valley; Jennifer Watson, Green Valley; honorable mention, Dylan Rogers, Liberty.

• Best Page One design (reduced format): First, Brandon Andrews, Legacy; second, Ashley Daines, Indian Springs; third, Chloe Lomprey and Skylar Williams, Basic.

• Best sports page design (standard format): First, Alexa Kelly, Liberty; second, Nicole Schwartz, Bonanzal; third, Christy Messol and Madeleine Durkee, Arbor View; honorable mention, Joe Rajchel, Green Valley.

• Best sports page design (reduced format): First, John Kim, Faith Lutheran; second, Kyler Pollick, Bishop Gorman; third, Brandon Andrews, Legacy.

• Best features, arts or entertainment page design (standard format): First, Alexa Kelly, Liberty; second, Caitlyn Belcher, Foothill; third, Chris O’Connor, Green Valley; honorable mention, Lindsey Riley, Coronado.

• Best features, arts or entertainment page layout (reduced format): First, Antonio Araujo, Morris Sunset East; Ashley Patino, Morris Sunset East; second, Emma Bramble, Faith Lutheran; third, Brandon Andrews, Legacy.

• Best copy editing: First, Alison Saclolo, Green Valley; Jennifer Watson, Green Valley; second, Jade Vakilzadeh, Coronado; third, Shelby Ashbaugh, Centennial.

• Best headline: First, James Moschella, Liberty; second, Shelby Nelson, Centennial; third, Julia Cabulia, Clark.

• Best advertisement: First: Ashley Peterson, Foothill; second, Shelly Jensen, Silverado; third, Trevor Bingham, Centennial; honorable mention, Brade’ Henderson, Durango.

• Best sports photo: First, John Callahan, Arbor View; second, Alexa Kelly, Liberty; third, Demi Rodrguez, Legacy; honorable mention, Marcus Nolasco, Foothill.

• Best news photo: First, Skylar Williams, Basic; second, Jennifer Watson, Green Valley, third, John Callahan, Arbor View; honorable mention, Barbara Guiua, Liberty.

• Best feature photo: First, Stacy Newman, Palo Verde; second, Malia Elliott, Green Valley; third, Victoria Robinson, Legacy; honorable mention, J’Aime Christensen, Durango.

• Best photo illustration: First, Caitlyn Belcher, Foothill; second, Devon Phillips, Silverado; third, Lindsey Riley, Coronado; honorable mention, Jose Clair, Liberty.

• Most Valuable Staffer awards: Madeleine Durkee, Arbor View; Casey Goodwin, Advanced Technologies Academy; Sarah McGlynn, Basic; Jessica Beyer, Bishop Gorman; Nicole Schwartz, Bonanza; TaJane Perry, Canyon Springs; Taylor Hassman, Centennial; Rebecca Lane, Cheyenne; Katie Cruz, Clark; Lindsey Riley, Coronado; Shawn M. Rosen, Desert Pines; Kassandra Gillette, Durango; Chelsea Hancock, Eldorado; John Kim, Faith Lutheran; Caitlyn Belcher, Foothill; Olivia Scott, Green Valley; Ashley Daines, Indian Springs; Kellie Cook, Las Vegas Academy; Brandi Kopydlowski, Las Vegas; Brandon Andrews, Legacy; Alexa Kelly, Liberty; Lauren Ruvo, The Meadows; Ashley Patino, Morris Sunset East; Timothy Blake, Mountain View Christian; Sarah Buckner, Palo Verde; Earl Mamaril, Shadow Ridge; Christen Parr, Sierra Vista; Tiana Wroten, Silverado; Chanelle Bessette, Spring Valley.

• R-Jeneration team members: Caitlyn Belcher, Foothill; Timothy Blake, Mountain View Christian; John Callahan, Arbor View; Allison Cox, Palo Verde; Kim DeGuzman, Advanced Technologies Academy; Casey Goodwin, Advanced Technologies Academy; Adam Khalil, Basic; Olivia Makinson, Faith Lutheran; Jonathan Oglesby, Moapa Valleyl; Lindsey Riley, Coronado; Cristina Rodriguez, Cheyenne; Lauren Ruvo, The Meadowsl; Nicole Schwartz, Bonanza; Olivia Scott, Green Valley; Kelsey Thompson, Las Vegas Academy; Jade Vakilzadeh, Coronado; Mackenzie Warner, Las Vegas Academy; Sherese Welsh, Coronado; Skylar Williams, Basicl; Tiana Wroten, Silverado.