Hundreds to be screened for jury in Simpson case

Lengthy questionnaires will be used to screen a jury pool of as many as 400 people in O.J. Simpson's armed robbery and kidnapping trial, court officials and lawyers said Thursday.

Clark County District Judge Jackie Glass told prosecutors and lawyers for the former football star and two co-defendants that she plans to summon prospective jurors in August and have them fill out forms at least two weeks before the trial starts Sept. 8.

"I have no idea how long it's going to take to pick a jury in this case," the judge said.

Simpson and co-defendants Charles Ehrlich and Clarence "C.J." Stewart did not attend the hearing.

Each has pleaded not guilty to all charges, including kidnapping, armed robbery and assault with a deadly weapon on allegations they robbed two sports collectibles dealers at gunpoint Sept. 13 at the Palace Station.

District Attorney David Roger asked the judge to begin summoning people early, "to place them on notice before all the media starts that they're potential jurors."

Court spokesman Michael Sommermeyer later put the prospective jury pool at about 400.

The jury questionnaires with at least 115 questions haven't been made public. Prosecutors and defense lawyers said they disagree over at least three questions, and Glass scheduled arguments during a June 20 hearing on pretrial motions.