Lawyer says client innocent in lewdness case

The allegations that an attorney exposed himself in September to two girls near a southwest valley park are not true, his lawyer contended Tuesday.

Robert Draskovich said his client, Jonathan Patterson, 36, did not expose himself to two girls walking home from a park near the intersection of Buffalo Drive and Rochelle Avenue, as was reported to Las Vegas police.

Patterson was arrested on two misdemeanor counts of open and gross lewdness after the Sept. 3 incident. Police said it occurred about 7:17 p.m.

Patterson got the girls' attention and then began masturbating when they looked at him, according to an arrest report.

Draskovich said the stories from the girls and one of their parents just don't add up.

"When this case goes to court, it's not going to appear as it seems," Draskovich said. He said the accounts from the girls and a parent are "exaggerated" and untrue. A parent told an officer that Patterson had said he was a sex offender, which isn't true, Draskovich said.

According to the report, Patterson also begged the parent not to call police because he has a wife and two children. He then asked the parent to kill him.

Patterson's next date in Las Vegas Justice Court is Jan. 11, Draskovich said.

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