Media outlets press issue of releasing jury questionnaires

Lawyers representing the Review-Journal and The Associated Press said the issue of whether the public should be granted access to questionnaires completed by jurors is still alive.

The two media outlets sought to obtain the jury forms used in O.J. Simpson's armed robbery and kidnapping trial.

The outlets requested both blank and completed versions of the questionnaires from Clark County District Judge Jackie Glass, who previously ruled that the completed forms wouldn't be released because she promised jurors she would keep them private.

Glass released the completed jury questionnaires the day after guilty verdicts were delivered against Simpson and co-defendant Clarence Stewart. But the questionnaires had information redacted. Responses that were withheld included whether jurors have children, where the jurors were born and in what neighborhoods they live.

In a court document filed with the Nevada Supreme Court on Monday, attorney Colby Williams, representing the media outlets, stated that the court still needs to clarify what information is public because the issue probably will come up again in the future.